Pusat Box Souvenir & Mika Tabung Surabaya

Kami, Ando Putra Jaya adalah produsen mika dan berbagai souvenir seperti souvenir pernikahan, souvenir ultah, souvenir perusahaan dan souvenir lainnya yang tentunya dengan harga murah & berkualitas.

Ando Putra Jaya

We are a packaging service provider for souvenirs and other products in the form of: 1. Mica Box Souvenir 2. Mica Tubes 3. Mica Bird's Nest 4. Paper Box Souvenir Packaging 5. Mika Kerah Kaju Sizes are available in a wide range of variants that adequately accommodate the needs all the customers. Our business offline has started since 2000 by making home souvenir industry from Mica and Paper material in Surabaya area. Along with the development of time and fortune from God, our efforts increasingly developing, Why Us? There Are Many Reasons Why You Should Choose Us To Provide Your Mika Box Needs. We Are Experienced In The Field Of Various Souvenirs, One Of The Box Mika. We Can Do Hundreds Of Mika Box In A Day, So Will Save Your Time. Competitive price. Please Check Here. And Please Compare With Other Brands. We Stay Cheapest We Provide Guaranty Forms: 1. Timeliness 2. Replacement If Happen Damage from our side 3. Quality Assurance We Only Use High Quality Plastic Mica That We Do With The Heart Of The Day For The Result To Get Neat, Clean And No Curves. You Absolutely No Want If Small Mistakes Affect Your Important Event.

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